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Test your trivia knowledge on one of Drew's favorite shows

1) When Bobby was having trouble dealing with his size, how did he attempt to make himself grow?

a. He tried drinking a Quick Grow formula Mrs. Brady used on her tomatoes.
b. He tried padding the soles in his sneakers.
c. He tried to stretch himself by hanging from the swing.
d. He tried eating leaves from the top of trees.

2) Bobby was keeping track of his progress by using a tape on the door to measure his height. The girls decided to help him out by moving the tape down. How much did each girl move the tape?

a. an inch
b. 2 inches
c. 3/4 an inch
d. 1 inch

3) What was the photographer's name that took the picture of the Brady Kid's for Mike's anniversary gift to Carol?

a. Mr. Harris
b. Mr. Andrews
c. Mr. Peterson
d. Mr. Gaylor

4) Ashamed to be seen with her glasses on, Jan took them off and went to the library to see whom?

a. Bernie MacGuire
b. Steve Simpson
c. Martin Peters
d. Andy Gibb

5) Locked in Sam's freezer, how did Greg and Bobby get out?

a. Greg used a frozen piece of beef to tap an emergency S.O.S. in morse code on the freezer pipes
b. He shoved Bobby through the small glass opening in the door.
c. Greg used an axe to pry the door open.
d. After using an axe to break the window on the freezer door, the boys tied their belts and shoes together and knocked the keys to the freezer off the wall.

6) When the Brady's were invited to do a television comercial, who did they ask to give them tips on acting?

a. Davey Jones
b. Nierna Carter
c. Desi Arnaz, Jr.
d. Penny Marshall

7) Jan ran into Mr. Brady's anniversary gift to Mrs. Brady (a framed photograph of the kids). How did she pay to replace it?

a. She promised to work in the photographer's studio until her debt was paid.
b. She had a garage sale when the rest of the family fishing.
c. She called all of her relatives and gathered raised enough money to cover her mistake.
d. She sold her bike

8) How did Mr. Brady know that it was a different picture?

a. Jan was wearing her glasses in the new picture
b. The kids were wearing the wrong clothes
c. The Brady kids were standing in the wrong spots.
d. In the original, Mr. Brady pinned a flower onto Peter's lapel.

9) Attempting to get Davey Jones to perform at her prom, Marcia went to talk to him at a recording studio. For what record label was he recording?

a. Golden Star Records
b. Atlus Records
c. Platinum Studios
d. Atlantic Recording Group

10) While playing football in a vacant lot, Bobby found a wallet with how much money in it?

a. $1000.00
b. $53.33
c. $1100.00
d. $220.00

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