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Drew says "Tell them I did it for Johnny"

THE MIDDLE YEARS:Drew attended college at UCLA where he was Poli-Sci/Pre-Med. "As you can see, the whole premed thing worked out really well. Even the words organic chemistry induce in me a panic not unlike the symptoms more commonly associated with food poisoning." Good thing for the world of screen writing that it didnt work out.

If Drew weren't a writer, he would be a public defender. He graduated from Law School before giving into the writing bug. His first real writing job came for a show on the Game Show Network called Burt Luddins Love Buffet. It was part game show, part sitcom. The game show was real, with actual contestants and real prizes. The catch was, when it was time for commercial breaks, the host and hostess would go backstage and viewers would see their lives and all the people who supposedly worked on the show. That part was where our intrepid scriptwriter came in. He was first brought to the show to write the questions for the game show, but within two days, he was punching up jokes for the sitcom. A few weeks into the show, he and a writer buddy named Aaron were given their own episode to write. That event is note worthy for two reasons. First it was his very first episode ever, and second the TV guest star was none other than Susan Olsen-little Cindy Brady from the Brady Bunch. As you can imagine, being the big Brady Bunch fan, this made him giggly for a month. Sadly the show was shut down after 65 episodes. His really big break came when he scripted an episode of Queer as Folk, which aired on Showtime. (See writing credits for synopsis).

Drew has also acted, briefly. He appeared in Rules of Etiquette as audience member #37, due in part to the fact that nepotism is alive and well ;). His talented brother Josh wrote and directed the film. He did some acting in school. His favorite role was Rabbit in the McLean VA Community Theater production of The House at Pooh Corner. Sadly, he is not brave enough to be an actor in real life. As he so aptly put it: "Actually, it's because Im just a bit too paranoid. (Actor Drew: There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt ofHey! What are you all looking at???
Director: "Thats the audience, Drew.")

THE EARLY YEARS:Drew was born in Manhattan, although he never lived there. He spent the first 6 years of his life in East Brunswick NJ. At that point, his family began moving around a lot. Some of the various places he lived: suburbs of Chicago, Washington D.C. and San Francisco. He went to high school in the Bay Area and considers it still home. Oddly enough, as the family moved, every time they moved to a new NFL city, the local team began winning multiple Super Bowls. Coincidence?? (psst...move to Buffalo, will ya already).
Drew has, since he was born, been 87 years old. He also has one brother and one sister, both younger. They are his best friends. His brother is an immensely talented screenwriter and his sister is a recent college graduate and a civilian. He considers her the coolest, smartest, prettiest, most supportive and most insightful person he has ever met.


Drew has so many favorite TV shows, among them Buffy (of course), West Wing, Once and Again, OZ, American High, Gilmore Girls, Malcom in the Middle, The Sopranos, and ER. In fact, the other Buffy staff is slowly discovering, to their horror, that TV is one of Drew's hobbies. He and Jane Espenson have actually spent hours tossing back and forth bits of obscure TV trivia. Once they actually drove Rebecca and Steve from the room. It was cool until they realized they were sitting in a room talking about Lisa Whelchel and Glen Scarpelli.

Some of the TV shows Drew misses are: Grosse Pointe, Now and Again, Deep Space Nine, My So-called Life, the British Queer as Folk, and Nothing Sacred. His all time favorite show is St. Elsewhere. He is really excited to see the upcoming 24, Smallville, Pasadena, Max Bickford, Alias and The Guardian. And of course, anything with Glen Scarpelli (which currently exists only in Drew's mind.)

Favorite other things include upside down roller coasters, puppies and Chocolate.

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