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Buffy episodes

A complete episode synopsis is now available. Please be aware that it completely spoils you if you haven't seen the episode.

Drew Greenber's Buffy Episode

Episode #13 from Queer as Folks (the U.S. version)

Brian sleeps with a co-worker, Kip. Kip requests that Brian recommend him for a promotion, which Brian refuses. He tells Kip he doesn't have enough experience for the job and reminds him that just because they are both gay, he will get no special favors. Ryder informs Brian that Kip has filed a sexual harrasment suit against him and the company.

Melanie and Lindsay have been fighting, so Melanie decides to flirt with another guest at the baby shower she and Lindsay are hosting for another lesbian couple. After a fight, Melanie ends up at a bar with Marianne. They go back to her place. Later, Melanie confesses to Lindsay that she slept with Marianne, and she moves out.

Ted and Michael discover Emmett is throwing out his porn collection. Emmett tells them about the "See the Light" group he has joined. Ted and Michael find out that Emmett's favorite porn star is in town and go to hi,. They offer him $1000 to seduce Emmett away from the group they believe is brainwashing him. emmett informs Ted and Michael that he resisted the temptation that Zack O'Toole provided. He has decided that for now, he needs to stay away from them if he wants to continue to "See the Light".

episode written by Drew Z. Greenberg directed by Ron Oliver

Gale Harold as Brian Kinney
Hal Sparks as Michael Novotny
Randy Harrison as Justin Taylor
Peter Paige as Emmett Honeycutt
Scott Lowell as Ted Schmidt
Michelle Clunie as Melanie Marcus
Thea Gill as Lindsay Peterson

also appearing:
Angela Asher as Marianne McDonald
Barna Moricz as Kip
Joesph Scoren as Matt
Matt Taylor as Zack O'Toole