Drew Greenberg's Buffy Episode



Written by Drew Greenberg
Directed by Turi Meyer

Our show opens with a couple being accosted by two strangers. Buffy comes upon them and is amazed to discover that it is an ordinary mugging. While the couple escapes, Buffy begins to fight them. Spike comes upon the scene and attempts to help Buffy. When he attacks one of the muggers, he is astounded to feel pain from the chip. The muggers sneak away while our duo is distracted. Spike wonders why the government didnt make it so his chip wouldnt activate when he attacked human criminals. They exchange heated words about their kiss-Spike reminds Buffy that it was two kisses. She walks away in disgust, and Spike continues to rant.Im the only one youve got Pet

Willow is wandering around the Summers house, obviously at loose ends and missing Tara. In the bedroom, she holds a conversation with Amy the Rat. She realizes she knows how to get the spell to de-rat Amy. After reading the spell, Amy de-rats on the bedfade to black as Amy screams..

Next we see the Nerd Troika in the Sunnydale Museum. They are attempting to steal a large diamond. Before they can escape undetected, the museum security guard discovers them. They use their experimental freeze ray on him and freeze him solid. They make their escape.

Back at the Summers house, Amy is confused. She is not aware that she has been frozen for years. She tells Willow that she hopes Larry will ask her to the prom. Willow has to tell Amy that Larry is gay..and Larry is dead. Amy asks how much time has past.

Buffy is walking up the stairs, calling for Willow. She goes into Willows bedroom and begins to tell Willow that we all make choices, and sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are less good, when Amy walks in. She is still amazed about what has happened. Buffy doesnt realize that it is Amy at first. She asks Amy Howve you been , Amy Rat-you?, Buffy Dead. Amy goes down to the kitchen to get some cookies, and Buffy offers her a bed on the couch You might as well stay, everyone else does. Buffy is amazed that Willow de-ratted Amy and Willow says, It is nice to have another magically inclined friend around

Buffy wanders downstairs and discusses with Amy all the things that have gone on since she was a rat. Buffy discovers the frozen security guard at the Sunnydale museum and decides to investigate.

At the museum, she observes the guard being brought out.walking away, she runs into Spike. They have another heated discussion about the kisses-Buffy tries to walk away, but Spike wont let her, so she slugs him. He slugs her back and she falls to the ground. Spike is amazed to realize he feels no pain from the chip. He fakes it to keep Buffy from realizing. She walks away, and the camera slowly focuses on the evil grin on Spikes face.

Spike surveys the streets and sees a young woman who resembles Buffy. He follows her into an alley and accosts her. When he tries to bite her, he feels pain and cant figure out what is going on. Meanwhile, back at the Magic Box, Willow, Anya, Xander and Buffy are trying to research how the demon is that froze the security guard. Vetoing a suggestion to call Giles, Willow pulls out her laptop. Buffy and Xander are relieved to see that Willow is going to do things the old fashioned way-surfing the net. They are freaked out to see Willow using glowing magic hands to surf the net. She taps into the police files and learns nothing new. Anya, in her usual blunt fashion, tells Willow that it is just creepy the way she did that. Spike confronts the Nerd Troika, wanting answers. about his chip. They refuse until Spike threatens to break their Boba Fett collectible figure. The Troika agrees, figuring they need to try and get Spike on their side against the Slayer.

Willow goes home and Amy suggests that they go out to the Bronze to have some fun. Warren tells Spike that according to his tests the chip is functioning properly. What that purpose is, he doesnt know, but the signals are all fine. Spike threatens the troika before he leaves. He realizes that there must be something wrong with Buffy.

Tara and Dawn arrive back at the house and find no one home. Dawn convinces Tara to stay until someone gets home. Tara agrees, even though she is uncomfortable. Willow and Amy are at the Bronze, drinking and playing pool. A couple of cute guys approach them and ask them to dance. Amy realizes that Willow is uncomfortable and attempt to use magic to get an attractive lady for Willow. Willow tells Amy no and she reverses the spell. Willow is a wallflower watching Amy dancing and having fun. When they come back, the guys give Willow a hard time. Willow and Amy look at each other and zap them into cages to do a cage dance.

Buffy, Anya and Xander are back at the Magic Box doing more research. Xander thinks he finds the answer, but he is looking in a Dungeons and Dragons manual. They discuss Willows use of magic. Anya says that once you start down that dark path, it is difficult to stop. Buffy is in denial about it, and is drawing parallels between herself and Willow. Spike and Buffy meet up and have an argument about their kissing. She wants to leave, but Spike wont let her. She punches Spike and he punches her back. Buffy realizes that Spike didnt feel pain. He tells her that he is not as toothless as she thought and the reason he didnt feel pain is because she came back wrong.

They exchange blows and words..Buffy is in denial about everything. They trade insults and blows and end up inside an old falling down house. Amy and Willow are on the balcony at the Bronze, using magic to alter reality around them. Back at the house, the verbal taunting continues along with the physical blows. Buffy tells Spike that he isnt a man or a vampire. Spike tells Buffy he is in love with her and Buffy throws him across the room. Back at the Bronze, Willow and Amy become bored and change everything back. They are looking for something bigger and more fun. The fight continues at the house when Buffy throws Spike up against the wall and kisses him passionately and violently. The house begins to crack around them. She throws him across the room, wraps her legs around him and kisses him again. We hear the sound of a zipper and Buffy impales herself. They exchange looks and continue. Their passion is so violent they fall through the floor into the basement as the house crumbles around them. The episode ends as Buffy, on top of Spike, looks at him through the dust.

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